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ThinManager 9.0

Relevance Mobility

Industrial Mobility

People are mobile. Technology is hyper-focused on mobile. Sure, it is a buzzword, but what is your business doing to adapt and take advantage of mobility?

ThinManager offers Relevance. Relevance provides the ability to be mobile, within your defined locations, delivering the right content and applications to the intended employee at exactly the right time and place.

We are talking location-based mobility that allows you to leave the control room and have your applications and content follow you. Mobility that allows you to go onsite at a project but have all your designated content delivered to you when you get there just as if you were at your office terminal.

This is the mobility that keeps you securely connected to the factory of the future.

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ThinManager offers centralized management solutions for the modern factory & office by simplifying management of applications and visual sources.

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How ThinManager Works Image - large

ThinManager allows unprecedented control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform regardless of the size of your industrial environment or number of facilities. ThinManager's thin client architecture allows for deployment of less expensive hardware while giving users the applications and tools familiar to them in a format that reduces management and hardware costs while increasing security.

By acting as a centralized management solution, ThinManager will seamlessly integrate with your current PLC’s and HMI while providing a number of features, tools, and methods of access, which make it simple to monitor and adjust user sessions from anywhere.

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ThinManager display clients can be generated by a session running on a display server (e.g. a Terminal Server, a shadowed thin client, an image from an IP camera, or VMWare® virtual machines). Administrators can allow multiple user sessions to operate at the same time and each can be viewed and/or controlled directly from ThinManager or from any authorized thin client terminal on the network.

ThinManager renders display clients through a number of different types of thin client hardware available from multiple manufacturers and offers the ability to expand the number of sessions, which can be simultaneously viewed from any designated work station.

Build on a MultiSession Core


ThinManager offers technology for IT professionals seeking better security and configuration of their thin client networks. Our MultiSession core technology allows multiple sessions running anywhere on the ThinManager network to be viewed through one thin client.

ThinManager can "tile" these screen views based on your settings. You can dictate which tile shows which session. You can set it to run in screensaver mode so that certain "tiles" are constantly updated with different sessions. Multisession allows you to view displays from different applications on the same monitor.

Built for a Virtual Environment


More than 15 years ago ThinManager completely changed the modern factory floor by pushing industry to deliver applications to thin client hardware instead of continuing to waste time and money on configuring and managing PCs.

Today we are bringing this same idealogy into IT and control room environments by allowing simplified delivery of VM resources to thin clients.

Read more about ThinManager's virtualization support »

Manage Cameras


Manage IP & USB cameras from within ThinManager's easy-to-use interface. Visualization of factory floor resources is simple to setup and deploy using ThinManager.

See camera feeds full screen or set them as an overlay to your HMI or other plant floor application.

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ThinManager's IP Camera management ability »

ThinManager runs on Mobile!


ThinManager provides its iTMC (iOS and Android) mobile clients and WinTMC client (Surface Tablet) to allow delivery of applications to mobile tablets. Click image to read more about iTMC.


Sources Provide Content For Devices, ThinManager Manages Every Device

MultiSession Diagram - small
MultiSession Diagram - large

Display clients can be generated by a traditional session running on a Terminal Server, a shadowed thin client, an image from an IP camera, or VMWare® virtual machines. The sources of these displays are referred to as Display Servers.

ThinManager's MultiSession core technology allows you to view multiple display clients with a single thin client. Using session tiling you can now view up to 25 Display Clients on a single monitor.

TermSecure extends this functionality even further by allowing you to link display clients to a user instead of to a particular thin client. Users can then access their own display clients simply by logging in to any ThinManager Ready thin client.

ThinManager renders display clients through a number of different types of thin client hardware available from multiple manufacturers.

Some of the Benefits of ThinManager & ThinManager Ready Thin Clients

Centralized Client Configuration

ThinManager allows ThinManager Ready thin clients to be configured in a central location instead of individually at each client.

Centralized Management

ThinManager allows the monitoring of the thin client from a central (or remote) location. ThinManager shows what thin clients are operating, what terminal servers they are assigned to, whether they are logged in, and even what applications they are running.

Quick Replacement

ThinManager Ready thin clients can be replaced with a single click of the mouse, with the new unit assuming the old unit’s identity and displaying the old unit's session.


ThinManager Ready thin clients are more reliable due to the lack of a hard drive or other moving parts and can be replaced with a single click, while a PC or fat client requires hours of installation and configuration.

E-Mail Event Notification

ThinManager can be configured to send e-mails or a local message to a designated operator's console when the specified event occurs.

Support for both RDP and ICA

ThinManager Ready thin clients can use the native Microsoft RDP protocol or the Citrix ICA protocol to communicate with the Terminal Servers.

ThinManager Windows Client


xli ThinManager has a Windows client for installation on PCs that will allow the PC to become a fat client. This Windows client supports ThinManager and features a multitude of standard features, as well as Modules, which can be downloaded directly to your ThinManager server.

MultiMonitor (Multiple Monitor Support)


xli Several ThinManager Ready thin clients are available with multiple video ports, allowing up to five monitors to be connected to one thin client. These monitors can run individual sessions or can be configured to merge into double-wide and triple-wide sessions. Available with XLi License.



xli Increase the effectiveness of your ThinManager Ready thin client network by adding users to your management tree. Control user access with a ThinManager manual login, or use proximity cards and/or USB flash keys. Grant or deny user access to thin clients, terminal server applications, and sessions with permission groups. Available with XLi License.

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