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ThinManager XLi Features

Adding XLi to your licensing will give you access to all of the great features that have made ThinManager the industrial standard for thin client management and industrial application delivery for more than 20 years running. Now, powerful features such as MultiSession, MultiMonitor and TermSecure User Authentication can be a standard part of your ThinManager installation(s). If you're ready to take your automation control systems to the next level, call our Inside Sales Manager, Customer Success at 678-580-6455 or email

Mobile Apps - iTMC, aTMC & WinTMC

With today’s high functioning mobile platforms, ThinManager can continue to increase productivity even when not at your desktop. Our TMC apps for iOS and Android allow tablets and smart phones to function as thin client devices. No applications or data are stored on the devices so your security remains fully intact. Location-based resolvers with Relevance allow you to set up specific “Geo-Fences” to make sure the term ”mobile” is clearly defined by you. [more info »]

MultiMonitor (Multiple Monitor Support)

Several ThinManager Ready thin clients are available with multiple video ports, allowing up to five monitors to be connected to one thin client. These monitors can run individual sessions or can be configured to merge into double-wide and triple-wide sessions. [more info »]


MultiStation provides the same end user functionality as a standard ThinManager Platform environment, with up to 80% less hardware needed to offer the same quality performance. It is perfect for environments with limited space and projects with a limited budget. MultiStation makes sure you are getting the most performance possible from your hardware. [more info »]


You can now use versatile ThinManager functions such as SmartSession, MultiSession, AppLink, Instant Failover, and other features normally reserved for use on ThinManager Ready hardware on your Windows PC. You will now have more options when managing, configuring, and designing your entire Terminal Server Network. [more info »]

TermSecure *

Increase the effectiveness of your ThinManager Ready thin client network by adding users to your management tree. Control user access with a ThinManager manual login, or use proximity cards and/or USB flash keys. Grant or deny user access to thin clients, terminal server applications, and sessions with permission groups. [more info »]

ThinManager Capable Hardware & PXE Boot

ThinManager has a PXE server that can be activated to let many common thin clients connect and be managed by ThinManager. A ThinManager XLi or XLr license is needed to boot ThinManager Ready thin clients. [more info »]

*TermSecure User Authentication has been renamed Relevance User Services as of ThinManager version 9. This should not be confused with Relevance Location Services which allows for location-based content delivery using QR Codes, Bluetooth Beacons, WiFi and GPS to deliver content only to authorized locations.

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