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ThinManager Return on Investment

We have discovered possible calculation errors that exist in the ROI Calculator if certain fractional amounts are used within your configuration and input. We are working to repair such discrepencies. In the meantime, please check with your local ThinManager Partners or Distributor to confirm the accuracy of your ROI results.

Justify your move to managed thin clients and leave the PC headaches behind

Manufacturing companies exist to produce products of the highest quality at the lowest cost for the largest portion of the target market—all while returning the greatest possible profit. This balance of quality, cost, and profit is factored into every purchasing decision.

Investments made involving the manufacturing process are justified by their potential return, or more specifically, their positive effect on profit. Capital expenditures that generate immediate and long-term reductions in production costs while retaining quality and increasing profit are generally the most sought after. These investments can be said to "Save Money" by generating favorable outcomes including reduced downtime, increased productivity, or lower energy consumption. Saving money over the long term usually means investing in the near term, and every investment needs justification.

We contend that ThinManager® is one of these investments that can "Save Money" both in the short term and over time. That is why we have created a tool to help you calculate these savings by converting to ThinManager thin client technology.

To get started, please review the instructions and then fill out the form to access the ROI Calculator.

  • Centralized application installation and management
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Lower failure rates, simplified device replacement
  • Enhanced security including biometric options
  • Content delivery to devices, users and locations

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