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Data Sheets

Need a little information on a specific area of ThinManager? Check out a data sheet. You can even print it out for future reference, share it with a co-worker, or decorate your office. If you want to learn an overview of every part of ThinManager, visit our learning center today and make yourself the ThinManager expert in your office.

datasheet for Virtual Screens

Virtual Screens

datasheet for MultiMonitor


datasheet for MultiSession


datasheet for What's New in v11

What's New

datasheet for thinmanager general

General Info

datasheet for mobile apps

Mobile Apps

datasheet for Relevance Locations Services

Relevance Locations

datasheet for Relevance Users

Relevance Users

datasheet for Relevance Mobility


datasheet for WinTMC


datasheet for Camera Support

Camera Support

datasheet for Shadowing and VNC

Shadowing & VNC

ThinManager Datasheets

All Datasheets

datasheet for platform maintenance

Platform Maintenance

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 datasheet for Notifications


datasheet for smart server


 datasheet for Notifications


datasheet for smart server

Flex Licensing

Video Training Course

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The ThinManager software suite is sophisticated. It is powerful and essential for your company's operations. So what is the best way to become your company's ThinManager expert? The best way is to have us train you as an end user to know everything you need to operate at peak efficiency. Visit training to check the next available training date that works for you. Before you begin your in-person training, or if you are evaluating the purchase of ThinManager, go through our Video Training Course. Simply set up an account and proceed through videos and quizzes for an overview of what ThinManager can do for you. Just click go.


Customer Success Stories

Integrator Application Stories

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Dairy Farmers of America

Dairy Farmers of America Reduces Downtime

When you think of Dairy Farmers of America you probably think of milk. While you wouldn’t be wrong to have such a thought, milk processors do a lot more than you think.


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datability spotlight image


A division of Kruse Control Datability, makes it's home in Baltimore where we met up with Doug Coulter to discuss his experiences using our ThinManager this client management solution.


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design group spotlight image

ThinManager Grows With Expanding Operations

When a large globally recognized beverage company needed to expand their North American facilities from coast to coast, they called on the Barry Wehmiller Design Group. When it was time to improve and upgrade those facilities, the Barry Wehmiller Design Group called on ThinManager.


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esco spotlight image

Extreme Conditions Call For Extreme Solutions

So how do you choose the proper system to replace a system that never existed? After attending the ThinManager 6.0 Launch Event in the Spring of 2012, the team at ESCO knew they had found their answer.


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ese spotlight image

Stacking Up The Benefits: ThinManager & Rockwell

For nearly thirty years, ESE, Inc, the Engineering Solution Experts, has seen continuous growth in plant automation engineering. Headquartered in Marshfield, Wisconsin, ESE specializes in Rockwell solutions.


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factory automation spotlight image

Integrating ThinManager Across Multiple Facilities

Factory Automation Systems, founded in 1992, has been been providing system design, deployment, and management services for a global leader in chemical manufacturing for a decade.


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jordan spotlight image

Old School for New Technologies

We recently had a chance to talk with Sandra and Jordan Engineering Customer Liaison, Brian Davidson. We talked about the company, their customers and their success with our ThinManager industrial thin client software solution.


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matrix spotlight image

Q & A with Matrix Technolgies

ThinManager had an opportunity to speak with Mike Dunstan from Matrix Technologies to discuss his ongoing ThinManager deployment for the leading soup manufacturer in North America.


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neodyne spotlight image

Virtualization Drives Management in Ireland

The NeoDyne solution is specifically tailored for milk/food processing and combines features to manage and provide traceability for food manufacturing in continuous/batch processes.


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polytron spotlight image

Juicing up HMI Performance with ThinManager

When a major plant expansion project for a new line was being implemented, the manufacturer decided to utilize thin clients managed by ThinManager for their HMI system, eliminating most of the issues.


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premier spotlight image

Managing Multiple Systems to Run The Packaging Industry

The consumer gods packaging industry accounts for more than $2 trillion dollars in annual revenueand is spread across a wide range of applications. regardless of the industry or the system architecture, the ThinManager Platform makes system management more efficient.


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third evolution spotlight image

Using ThinManager to Drive a Cutting Edge Facility

For Years, businesses and governments have been talking more and more about the environmental impact of modern industrial manufacturing processes and the costs associated with conventional energy sources such as coal and oil.


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CIM spotlight image

Thin Client Infrastructure Deployed in Ireland

Once it was determined that the customer wanted to take advantage of centralized technologies like VMWare and Terminal Services to deliver applications to thin clients, CIM didn’t hesitate to recommend ThinManager for the job.


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spotlight packing

Effective Management of Facilities Large & Small

This is going to be the new standard, and ThinManager is part of that standard. ThinManager has proven itself to be the right solution despite the limited scope of the project.


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spotlight steel

Forging the Future in the Global Steel Industry

Because of the size of the project and harsh environment, which includes electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, slab casters, a strip mill, and hot dip lines,


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