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VM Resource Management

Easily deploy virtual environments with ThinManager


Virtualization Header Image
virtualization how it works
virtualization how it works

Now many ThinManager customers who use virtual machine technology to deploy certain applications and desktops have another reason to have ThinManager as the centralized management platform.

ThinManager supports management of virtual machines created by VMWare's VCenter Server. Now administrators can use one simple interface to control their terminal servers, thin clients, IP cameras and virtual machines. ThinManager is the simplest technology platform available for delivering virtual desktops and virtual applications to thin clients.

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Many of the powerful features that administrators use in VSphere Client are available in ThinManager.

Virtual Source Management
Virtual Source Management

Power Operations - Turn virtual machines on and off.

Snapshots - Create an instant backup of the "state" of a virtual machine. Useful for managing updates and ensuring a working version of a machine is always available.

Rename - Change the name of a virtual machine.

Remove Inventory - Keep existing virtual machines from appearing in the ThinManager tree.

Delete - Permanently remove a virtual machine.

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