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Complete Platform.
Scalable Solution.
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Unique hardware enabling technology. scalable thin client management solution.

XLr STANDARD LICENSING (5-Packs, 10-Packs, 25-Packs)

Relevance, MultiMonitor, PXE Boot, WinTMC, MultiSession, SmartSession, Virtual Machine Management , iOS Apps, AppLink, Automatic Failover, Instant Failover, Terminal Shadowing, Remote Management, Redundant Ethernet, Touchscreen Support, Shared Keyboard & Mouse and more.


A Redundant Enterprise Server License can be installed on one or two machines. If installed on two machines, the machines must be configured as a synchronized ThinManager server pair. The license allows an unlimited number of concurrent terminal connections on a single network at a single facility.


ThinManager offers 2 options for redundant servers:
Mirrored Redundancy synchronizes a pair of servers, one acting as a primary server while the other acts as a “view only” interface.*
Full-Redundancy uses a redundant pair of servers storing configurations on both with a fully accessible ThinManager GUI.


Easily add location-based functionality to your ThinManager installation.


This licensing model allows for municipalities to allocate their licensing across multiple sites and facilities within a single municipal jurisdiction.

*The Mirrored Redundancy catalog numbers have been flagged as End of Life (EOL)

They can be ordered through Feb 24, 2019. Starting Feb 25, 2019, the existing Full Redundancy catalog numbers should be used as the replacement. The change to offer a single redundancy offering will simplify commercial messaging and better align ThinManager with other redundancy offerings in the portfolio.

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