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WinTMC on ThinManager Server

WinTMC v.2.0 cannot be installed on a ThinManager Server. The WinTMC client will want to listen on port 2031 for ActiveX client connections but the ThinManager Server will already be using port 2031 to communicate with thin clients.

  • Solution: Use the Connect tab on ThinManager instead of the WinTMC client to connect to a terminal server on a ThinManager Server.

Highlight the Terminal Server in the ThinManager tree and select the Connect tab in the Details pane. This will open an RDP connection to the server. You can use CTL+ALT+BREAK to switch in and out of full screen mode.

WinTMC Can’t Connect to a Terminal Server

WinTMC v.2.0 is designed to use Display Clients ( former Application Groups and Terminal Server Groups) instead of individual terminal servers.
Solution: Check the Terminal Server Specification page of the Terminal Configuration Wizard to make sure that Display Clients are used.

Administrators can Login but Users Can’t Login

Normally when a terminal starts and receives its configuration from ThinManager the terminal will send an ICMP packet to the terminal server. When the terminal server responds, the client will connect.
Something on the network is configured so that the administrators have permission to send an ICMP echo packet or ping but the regular users are denied. When an administrator attempts to connect it can communicate with the terminal server using the ICMP and it connects. The user is blocked so it never gets the message that the terminal server is ready so it doesn't try to connect. This problem occurs with WinTMC v1.0.

  • Solution: Upgrade to WinTMC v2.0 or open the Terminal Configuration Wizard for that WinTMC client and navigate to the Monitoring Configuration page. Set the Monitor Interval to Custom. Set the Monitoring Interval to "0".

Setting the Monitoring Interval to "0" will eliminate the ICMP packet exchange, allowing the user to try the terminal server as soon as it has its configuration.

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