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Video Modules are Automatic

Video modules are different than other modules in ThinManager 3 and ThinManager 4. They aren’t added to the individual terminal configuration but are automatically downloaded when a terminal receives its configuration from ThinManager during boot.

Updating a Video Module

Updating video modules is normally automatic because each ThinManager installation CD and service pack will install and update ThinManager with the versions of the modules available at that time. Occasionally new hardware or new firmware is released that requires the modules to be updated.

The module update process has two steps:

  1. Download the latest modules from [1].
  2. Add the modules to ThinManager using Install > Modules from the ThinManager menu.

Installing a Module

Open the Modules window by selecting Install > Modules from the ThinManager menu.

Module Window
Module Window

Select the Install Module… button. This will open a file browser.

Module File Browser
Module File Browser

Use the file browser to navigate to where you saved the downloaded module. Highlight it and select Open. The module will be installed or updated and the browser will close.
Repeat as needed to update as many modules as you need.

Video2 versus Video Modules

Most modules are available as a Video and as a Video2 module. Firmware v3.0 through v3.2 use Video modules while firmware v3.3 and later uses Video2 modules. Since the terminal automatically loads the video modules this isn’t important to you. Just make sure both module types are installed in ThinManager.

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