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ThinManager is modular in the sense that you can upgrade modules and components so that you can add new ThinManager Ready thin client hardware to older ThinManager Systems. When a version of ThinManager is released it will support all existing hardware. However as new hardware is released, ThinManager can be upgraded to support the new features. If you add the latest hardware to a ThinManager System that hasn’t been updated, you could run into an incompatibility issue between the ThinManager System and the new thin client. This article will provide an outline on how to upgrade an existing ThinManager System.
All iteams mentioned in this article may be downloaded from the ThinManager Downloads Page


Automatic Updates

The best solution is to update the ThinManager to the current version. The latest versions have features added that provide more power and greater functionality. The update will include support for all hardware and will update all the components mentioned below.
Customers who are members of our Comprehensive Support program receive the new version of ThinManager as it is released, allowing a simple update process.

Manual Updates

If an upgrade to the latest version of ThinManager is not an option, the next course of action would be to upgrade the TermCap, Firmware, Touch Screen Modules, and Video Modules for your specific version of ThinManager to the latest version.

Service Pack

The latest Service Pack will usually contain the latest versions of the TermCap, Firmware, Touch Screen Modules, and Video Modules and is the quickest way to get your version of ThinManager to support the latest hardware.
For further information see the Service Pack Installation Page.


Packages are all inclusive updates to ThinManager which contain Modules, Firmware and TermCap. Once a new Package is installed, the thin clients will pull the updated the version from the server upon their next reboot.
For further information see the Package Installation Page.

New TermCap

The system will need the latest Terminal Capability database that includes the latest hardware models. This allows you to select the correct hardware and allows ThinManager to set the correct parameters.
For further information see theTermCap Installation Page.

New Firmware

The system will need the latest firmware. This firmware will provide support for the new chipset. Once installed in ThinManager each terminal will download it during the boot process.
For further information see the Firmware Installation Page.

Touch Screen Modules

The new firmware will require new version of the touch screen drivers.
For details on how to install modules, see the Module Installation Page.

Video Modules

The new hardware may need to have a video module added to the terminal configuration.
For details on how to install modules, see the Module Installation Page.

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