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If you want to download ThinManager as a trial here are simplified steps:

  1. Download ThinManager from our Downloads Page.
  2. Install it on a PC, preferably a server. See our Compatibility Matrix for a complete list of supported Operating Systems.
  3. Request a Demo Code from The Demo Code Website to get 30 days of licenses.
  4. Enter the demo code in ThinManager by selecting Install / Licenses and clicking the "Install Demo Code" button, then enter your demo code.
  5. Configure your ThinManager.
    1. Define a terminal server as a Display Server.
    2. Deploy an application as a Display Client.
    3. Create and configure your terminal to use the display client.
  6. Boot your thin client and select your configuration.

If you have a ThinManager Ready thin client you can set a static IP address to point to ThinManager.
If you have a ThinManager Capable thin client you will need to enable the PXE Server within ThinManager.
If you don’t have thin client hardware you can install the WinTMC client on a PC and use it to connect to ThinManager.

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