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TermSecure Users and TermSecure User Groups have a schedule on the User Options page of the TermSecure User Configuration Wizard.

TermSecure User Terminal Configuration Wizard – User Options Page
TermSecure User Terminal Configuration Wizard – User Options Page

Check the Set Schedule checkbox and select the Schedule button to launch the Event Schedule window.

Note: The Schedule for TermSecure User Groups is the same as for individual TermSecure Users. It has an advantage of applying the scheduled events to a whole group of users instead of requiring a configuration for each event on each user.

Event Schedule
Event Schedule

The Event Schedule will list events for the TermSecure User or TermSecure User group. It has four buttons:

  • The Add button will launch a Schedule window to allow an event to be configured.
  • The Edit button will allow a highlighted event to be changed.
  • The Delete button will remove a highlighted event.
  • The OK button will accept changes and close the Event Schedule window.

Events can be added by selecting the Add button to launch the Schedule Window.

Schedule Window
Schedule Window

The Schedule window has several configuration settings.
Event Type is a drop-down box that allows event selection:

  • Disable User - This will prevent a user from logging in through TermSecure or will disconnect and existing session.
  • Enable User - This will allow a user to become active again.

The Repeat Interval radio buttons allow the event in the Event Type drop-down to be run Once Only, Weekly/Daily, Monthly, or Yearly.

  • Selecting Once Only will show a Select Date field for the event.
  • Selecting Weekly/Daily will show a Weekly Schedule list for the event to run. The Every Day button will select all the days in the list.
  • Selecting Monthly will show a Select Day of Month field for the event.
  • Selecting Yearly will show a Select Date field for the event.

The Time field allows the selection of the time that the event should occur.
Select the OK button to close the Schedule window.
Select Add to add another event to the Event Schedule or select OK to close the Event Schedule window and return to the terminal configuration.

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