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ThinManager has a Terminal Capability Database (termcap.db) that provides ThinManager with the configuration parameters for each thin client model. At each terminal connection, the TermCap database is checked and an integrity check is performed. If the configuration does not match the terminal specifications, ThinManager may reconfigure the terminal to acceptable parameters.
As ACP Hardware partners release new ThinManager Ready thin clients, ACP will update the TermCap database to include the new units. When a new model of hardware is purchased the TermCap may need to be updated to the latest version from the Downloads Page.

Install new TermCap Database

Select Install > TermCap Database from the ThinManager menu in ThinManager to launch a file browser.

Select your newly downloaded TermCap Database File

Select your newly downloaded TermCap Database File

An Open dialog box will be launched. Select the new version of the termcap.db and select the Open button. This will install the new version. The new version will take effect as soon as it is installed.

Compatibility Considerations

You may need to also install new firmware if you are adding new hardware. See the Firmware Installation Page for further information.

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