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This article will briefly go over the basics of configuring the Remote Desktop Connection Program so that you may remote into a Terminal Server without using a Thin Client.

First, the quickest way to bring up the application would be from a Run box:
Pressing: Windows Logo Key + R > type: mstsc > OK

Remote Desktop Connection Window
Remote Desktop Connection Window

Select "Options" to open the configuration wizard.
The Remote Desktop Connection wizard has several tabs for configuring the settings.

Remote Desktop Connection – Display Tab
Remote Desktop Connection – Display Tab

Once the connection has its desired settings it can be saved to the desktop using the Save As button on the General tab.

Desktop With RDP Connection Icons
Desktop With RDP Connection Icons

A user needs to click on the connection icon to start the RDP connection to the appropriate terminal server. The PC will connect to the terminal server and start according to the configuration.


If a terminal server fails the session will quit functioning. Eventually a message box will be displayed telling the user to reconnect.

Disconnection Warning
Disconnection Warning

When the session is closed the desktop will be displayed.
To failover to a backup terminal server the user will need to manually select another connection icon and launch the connection to a backup terminal server.

Contrasts between Microsoft Method and ThinManager

Issue Remote Desktop Connection ACP ThinManager
Configuration Configured on a per local client basis Configured at a central location
Security User can oopen and change the settings at the local machine Only the administrator can make changes
Failover User needs to manually select backup seesion Terminal automatically switches to backup without user input
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