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UDP 67

IP Address Assignment -- Used by the PXE Server (if using PXE boot) (ThinManager 5.0 and later).

UDP 69

TFTP -- Used to TFTP the firmware to ThinManager Compatible thin clients. (ThinManager 5.0 and later).

TCP 1494

Citrix -- Used by the ICA protocol (if using ICA instead of RDP).

UDP 1758

MultiCast -- Used if MultiCasting is enabled in ThinManager.
This port is configurable by:

  • Double clicking on your server name to bring up the ThinManager Server Configuration Wizard
  • Click Next until you come to the Multicase Configuration page
  • Click Advanced to bring up the Advanced Options

TCP 2031

Configuration -- Used to pass the configuration from the ThinManager Server to the terminal. Also used for Synchronization.

TCP 3389

RDP -- Used by the RDP protocol (if using ThinManager v2.4.1 or later).

UDP 4900

TFTP -- Used to TFTP the firmware to ThinManager Ready thin clients.

TCP 5900

Shadowing -- Used to shadow terminals. This can be changed on the Shadow Configuration page of the ThinManager Server Configuration Wizard.
This port is configurable by:


Ping -- Used by WinTMC and Enforce Primary.

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