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Windows 2003


Windows 2003 applies a secure screen saver to user accounts by default. An idle session will have a screen saver that requires a login to re-access the session. This can be difficult if you are using a touch screen without a keyboard. Although you could login as each user and disable the screen saver individually, it is easier to change a setting in the Group Policy on the terminal server to fix the issue for all users at once.


It is possible to login to the terminal server as each user and manually reconfigure the screen saver by:

  • Right clicking on the Desktop > Properties
  • Screen Saver Tab > Uncheck the "On resume, password protect"

via GPO

  • Start > Run > gpedit.msc > OK
  • Navigate to: User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Display.
    • Screen Saver – Disabling this will eliminate any screen saver. You can add the Screen Saver module to ThinManager Ready thin clients to use the ACP Screen Saver.
    • Password protect the screen saver – Disabling this while leaving the Screen Saver enabled or not configured will allow the screen saver to run but will eliminate the login requirement to clear the screen saver.
  • Reapply Group Policy to the Domain via: Start > Run > gpupdate /force
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