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Terminal Services has several commands that aid in managing the terminal server. Some useful ones are:

Command Action
change logon Temporarily disables logons to a Terminal Server
change port Changes COM port mappings for MS-DOS program compatibility
change user /install Puts the server into “Install Mode”
change user /execute Removes the server from “Install Mode”
Ipconfig Displays the IP addresses of the network card
Logoff Logs off a user from a session and deletes the session from the server
net send username “message” Sends a message to a user. username is the NT/2000 user name that the person or terminal is logged in as. “message” is the text of the message. Quotation marks are needed for any messages containing a space.
query process Displays information about processes running on a Terminal server
query session Displays information about sessions on a Terminal server
query termserver Displays a list of all Terminal servers on the network
query user Displays information about user sessions on a Terminal server
reset session Resets a session to known initial values
Shadow Monitors another user's session
Tsdiscon Disconnects a client from a terminal server session
Tsshutdn Shuts down the terminal server in an orderly manner

Commands to launch useful Microsoft programs include:

gpedit.msc Launches the Group Policy Editor
secpol.msc Launches the Local Security Settings
tscc.msc Launches the Terminal Services Configuration Console
tsadmin Launches the Terminal Services Manager
Mstsc Launches the Remote Desktop Connection Utility
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