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Firmware is the operating system for ThinManager Ready thin clients. Each time a ThinManager Ready thin client boots it connects to a ThinManager Server, downloads the firmware, and then expands it into RAM for use as an operating system.
Firmware is installed with ThinManager and with each service pack. Occasionally new firmware is released to provide support for new devices or functions.

Downloading New Firmware

The ThinManager Download Site contains firmware for all currently supported ThinManager Versions.

Installing New Firmware

Select Install > Firmware from the ThinManager menu in ThinManager to launch a file browser.

Install New Firmware

Install New Firmware

Select the new version of the firmware.acp and select Open. This will install the new version of the firmware onto the ThinManager Server.
Once the new firmware is loaded, the ThinManager Ready thin clients will load the new firmware whenever they are rebooted.
The Properties tab shows what firmware is being used by each thin client.

Install New Firmware

Install New Firmware

Highlight the desired terminal and select the Properties tab. It will list the current firmware among the terminal properties.

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