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Xen App 6 runs off the basic Microsoft Terminal Services Framework that ThinManager uses to establish an initial program and has some similiar setup characteristics as a traditional Microsoft Terminal Server.
This article will go over the basics for installing Xen App 6 Fundamentals on a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.


Prep Work

The Xen App 6 requires the .Net Framework 3.5.11 Feature, the Remote Desktop Services Role with the Remote Desktop Session Host and Remote Desktop Licensing Role Services Installed before starting the Citrix Install Program.
After installing the Roles and Features, reboot the server to ensure that the Roles and Features took properly.
Making an image or snapshot of the server is highly recommended at this point.

WARNING:If the Citrix Install fails at any point during installation, it will be impossible to undo the changes made and a complete re-install/re-image will be necessary.

After a backup has been made and the server has been freshly rebooted, you are now ready to being your installation.


Citrix provides an all in one install program available from the Citrix Xen App Download Site. You will need to provide an account that will serve as the access account to the Xen App Database. Proceed through the installation program and reboot whenever prompted.

Integration with ThinManager

After Xen App has been installed, we begin the business of integrating it with ThinManager. ThinManager has the ability to use Citrix to either display the Terminal Server Desktop, or a specific application -- a Published Application in Citrix Vernacular.

Specifying a Published Application

There are multiple ways to Publish an Application, but for the sake of this article we will be doing everything through the Citrix Delivery Services Console.

  • Start > All Programs > Citrix > Management Consoles > Citrix Delivery Services Console
  • Expand: Citrix Resources > XenApp > Citrix XenApp Fundamentals
  • Right Click: Applications > Publish Application

Proceed through the Wizard

  • Name: Specify a name for the Published Application, you may specify a description that will be visible via the web portal, but not ThinManager. Note: Spaces are not acceptable characters when setting up a Published Application for use with ThinManager.
  • Type: We can choose what type of application to publish, either a Desktop, a piece of content (single file, network path, etc) or an Application. It is important to note that the Application Type must be set to Installed application when Publishing an Application.
  • Location: Specify the location of the Application or Resource that you want to install.
  • Server: Specify the server in your farm that will run your specified application. Since this server will be running the Application, it must be present or accessible from the server you specify.
  • Users: You have the option to allow anonymous users or specified users. If you choose to specify a user you must use the Operating System User Selector (either Local Users or Active Directory, depending on your setup). The reason for this is that the Thin Client can also be setup to automatically log into Windows and this prevents having to setup duplicate users on both the Windows and Citrix sides.
  • Shortcut Presentation: Here we have the option to change the Published Application's icon; this has no effect on ThinManager and is used in the Citrix Web Portal.
  • Publish Immediately: Clicking Finish will Publish the Application and allow it to be accessed via ThinManager.

Grabbing the XML Port Number

After proceeding through the Publish Application Wizard, its time to setup ThinManager to access the Citrix Server. Before we go setup the ThinManager Server, we need to grab the XML Port number from the Citrix Web Interface Management Console.
Start > All Programs > Citrix > Management Consoles > Citrix Web Interface Management Console
Select: XenApp WebSites > Internal Site
The port number will be listed in the bottom center window pane.

Setting up the Display Client

For more in-depth information about Display Client options, see the Display Clients Article
For more in-depth information about how to setup a Display Client for use with Citrix, see the Citrix ICA Article

  • From within ThinManager Create a new Display Client and proceed through the Wizard until you come to the Terminal Services Display Client Type page and select Citrix ICA Servers.
  • On the following page, specify the IP Address of your Citrix Published Application Web Page, followed by a colon ( : ) and the XML Port Number from the previous step. Do not append the IP address with anything except for the port number after the IP address. For example:
  • Check the 'Use a Citrix Published Application' check box and specify the name of the Published Application you wish to access. This is the case sensitive Application Name that was defined earlier.
  • Finish out and assign the Display Client to a terminal.
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