Upgrading from ThinManager 3.x

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Upgrading from ThinManager 3.x requires a few additional licensing steps because as of ThinManager 4, ThinManager uses a Master License to hold all your individual product licenses. ThinManager 3 licenses don't automatically upgrade and must be added to a Master License via the Licensing Website.

Determining Upgrade Eligibility

Anyone who is on COMP Support is eligible to upgrade to the current ThinManager Release on the downloads page. After creating and populating a Master License with your product licenses you will be able to see what versions of ThinManager you are licensed to use. To check your eligibility, click the Manage Master License link from within the Licensing Website.

Master License Details
Master License Details

If a Product License shows 3.3 as the version then it will not upgrade. Wait to active the Master License until this license has been upgraded past ThinManager 4.0. See your ACP ThinManager Distributor to purchase an upgrade.

Master License Details
Master License Details

If a Product Licenses shows that the versions are at least 4.0 or N/A then you can proceed with the activation of the ThinManager license.

Creating and Populating the Master License

Main Article: License Activation

Creating a Master License entails two steps via the Licensing Website:

  • Creating the Master License
  • Populating the Master License
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