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The TermMon ActiveX Demo Application can be used to demonstrate the features of the Control. The demo application is found on the ThinManager CD in the Terminal ActiveX folder as TermMon.exe, however the TermMon ActiveX control must be registered before it can be used. Copy the file termmon.ocx from the ThinManager CD to the computer where you want to use it. Register the OCX by executing
regsvr32 path\to\termmon.ocx

To start the application in graphical mode, run TermMon.exe in a terminal’s terminal services session. This will allow the Control functionality to be demonstrated.
The demo application can also be run non-graphically using command line options. The format is as follows:

TermMon -c <command> -f <output path and filename> -d <data> -a <ipaddress> 

The following commands are terminal action commands:

  • Reboot
  • Restart
  • Calibrate
  • GotoMainMenu
  • SwitchToNextGroup
  • SwitchToPrevGroup
  • SwitchInstFailover
  • ChangeTermSecureUser
  • LogOffAndChangeTermSecureUser
  • LogOffTermSecureUser
  • DisconnectTermSecureUser
  • ChangeTerminalServerGroup -d <groupname>

The following commands return the result in the output filename.

  • TerminalName -f <output filename>
  • TerminalModel -f <output filename>
  • TerminalIP -f <output filename>
  • TerminalMAC -f <output filename>
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