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It is a good idea to regularly backup your ThinManager configuration. This allows you have a copy in case of emergency. It is possible to use the ThinManager Scheduling function to automatically backup your configuration to disk.

  • Open the ThinManager Server Configuration Wizard by right clicking on the green ThinMan icon at the top of the ThinManager tree and selecting Modify.
  • Navigate to the System Schedule page and select the Edit Schedule button to launch the Event Schedule window.
Event Schedule Window
Event Schedule Window
  • Select “system” in the Select Event Category drop-down and select the Add button to launch the Schedule window.
Schedule Window
Schedule Window
  • Select Backup Configuration Database in the Event Type drop-down.
  • Select a time for backup, either a regular day or interval, and a time. A weekly after hours backup is fine.
  • Select the OK button to accept the schedule.
Scheduled Task
Scheduled Task

The task will be displayed in the Event Schedule window.

File Location

ThinManager will create a file called as ThinManagerConfigBackup_YYY_MM_DD_hh_dd and put it in the ThinManager folder, normally %PROGRAMFILES%\Automation Control Products\ThinManager.
If you have a synchronized pair it will put it in the folder on the master ThinServer as shown on the Synchronization tab.

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